Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Twins! {Tucson Family Photographer, Tucson Baby Photographer}

This lovely little family recently relocated to our sunny desert and wanted to get 6 month photos of baby girl {P} and baby boy {W} in their new home.  Though they are only 6 months old, you can totally tell they have little personalities already!  Little {W} was definitely the laid back twin and Little {P} was already trying to crawl into the grass.  They were absolutely adorable together!  Here is just a little bit of their session.  :o)

tucson child photography

tucson family photography
tucson family photography2


Reena said...

What a cute babies!! I love the lighting and location and how mom/dad are all dressed up too!

Stephanie said...

ADORABLE!! What a sweet little family, and that first shot on the quilt is to die for!! Beautiful!

Robin said...

Beautiful babies and family, great shots! I love the one of them on the blanket!

Unknown said...

wow...I can't wait to see more. Adorable... mom and son, daddy and daughter shots. the one on the blanket could be a national ad. Even though they are boy and girl...you can tell they are twins.

Amber said...

OMG~what cuties!!!

sally said...

how cute are they! I love the patterns in the first one.

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