Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Super Cool {G} Family - {Tucson Family Photographer}

This wonderful family was so fun and so good-natured! We had a great time walking around the park, chasing the ducks, taking a swim in the stream...oh yes...someone decided it would be a fun idea to end the family photo shoot with a dunk in the water. :o) I told you they were fun! The {G} family will be heading back East soon - so I am glad I was able to capture some photos of them during their stay in Tucson.

This first image makes me smile...I just love this silly photo of them!



It was SUPER important to Miss {M} to get a photo with her flowers...think we got a cute one!

Best of luck {G} family! It was so nice meeting you!


{Amanda} said...

I love them so cute! So that is what a palm tree looks :)

Toya said...

You did such a great job. I love these. What a cute family.

stephanie said...

Beautiful location, beautiful family!

Beth said...

What a fun family!

Elizabeth Miller said...

Great family session. You really caught their spirit.

Haley said...

Love the sibling shot! Would make a beautiful wall print. Good job!

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